Product Roadmap

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General Features

H1 2020: Official launch of the subscription tiers.

Test Data API

H1 2020: Integration with AWS Marketplace

H1 2020: Batch Requests

H2 2020: Unique checks for ID endpoints such as SSN, NIN

H2 2020: Additional services: European Union ID numbers, Passport numbers

Throughout 2020: Other regional endpoints to follow (priority based on demand):
> Americas: Canada
> Europe (Central): Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland
> Europe (Nordics): Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland
> Europe (East): Estonia, Poland
> Europe (South): Spain, Italy

Random Data API

Throughout 2020: All new endpoints and regions released for the Test Data API will be incorporated in Random Data API.

Differential Privacy API

2020: Beta release for selected regions.